Katherine Agranovich

Dr. Agranovich has been a guest expert on many talk shows, including KDKA (CBS Pittsburgh affiliate), KOA (Denver), KOMO (Seattle), WBZ (Boston), America Tonight and Fox on family, and on shows nationally syndicated by Compass Media and the iHeart radio network.

Transform your life with Hypnotherapy
and Reconnective Healing
a holistic approach to wellness.

It is natural, normal and possible for you to be well, because at the core level of your being you already are.

In person or long-distance sessions are available. (949) 702-3228


“To be holistically healthy is to be connected to the Source of wellbeing within.”
- Katherine Agranovich, Ph.D.

Dr. Agranovich

Hypnosis & YOU...A Perfect Partnership in Achieving Results You Want


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“Within weeks the cyst was gone and I am left confident in myself, and a believer in my own healing abilities. Thank you!”
Antonia S.

“All patients reported improvement or normalization in the areas of smoking cessation, weight management, anxiety, depression, HTN, sleep disturbance, and pain management.
Katherine provides excellent support to any medical office seeking medical hypnotherapy to enhance patient care.”
Svetlana Stivi, M.D.

“I was cured of my night terrors, and through hypnosis I discovered that my brain had the ability to overcome this problem by itself.”
Aryeh K.

“I enjoy our sessions because Dr. Agranovich provides me with different ways to think and approach my health. And now, as my body is resolving the imbalance, I know it was never about the diabetes, but about me knowing my wellbeing.”
Cynthia K

“Katherine's knowledge of hypnotherapy is extensive. She has the ability to talk someone through the journey in a comforting and caring way. She has an uncanny ability to focus in on the root of the issue and bring it to the surface to better diminish its effects on a person's daily lifestyle.”
Tonja L.

“I saw Katherine’s patients who were able to naturally overcome their anxiety, stress, and fears, those who quit their nicotine or alcohol addiction, others who reduced their high blood pressure, and many who felt a sense of calm and well-being under her care. Dr. Agranovich will continue to inspire, educate, and support her patients and her community to achieve optimal health naturally.”
Suzanne Tang, N.D., L.Ac.

“As a medical scientist, I was skeptical and negative, but wanted to overcome my chronic skin problems and IBS.
After a first session I became convinced that Dr. Agranovich was a talented and gifted healer and could pinpoint exactly what was disturbing my equilibrium. I am very grateful that I ventured out and tried something new, because I was able to find healing, peace and calm.”
Susan W.

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To find out more or to begin your process of healing,
please call 949-702-3228 or e-mail.
In person or long-distance sessions are available.

Katherine Agranovich, Hypnotherapist
260 Newport Center Drive # 109
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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